Tenda AC15 AC1900 802.11ac Router Review: Affordable AC WiFi Performance

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Our Summary of the Tenda AC15 Router

Going into this review we certainly had mixed expectations for the Tenda AC15 router. The brand is new to the market and its price point is half that of competing routers in this category. But overall, we must say it actually exceeded our expectations. It was easy to setup, the admin interface is modern and simple, and its wireless performance is good enough to feel fast and responsive. We used the Tenda AC15 as our daily driver for about two weeks and it always felt fast when we were using it on our phone, tablet, and laptop. It never went down, and we never had any issues with signal strength or speed whatsoever. 
The main issue with the Tenda AC15 is that the interface has a lot of advanced features that are presented with no instructions or guidance. We supposed only users that know what the features do will be likely to change them, but it would still be nice to have more information presented on such a complex piece of equipment. That said, the non-advanced sections of the admin interface are simple and easy to understand, and we actually like the Tenda AC15's uncluttered interface better than many others. 

All told, this router is surprisingly competent, especially for the money. It even has a mobile app that feels just as modern and slick as the browser-based interface, which was an unexpected bonus to be sure. If you're on a budget but want AC performance and ease of setup, the Tenda AC15 is a solid router for the money.

  • Very affordable
  • Decent wireless performance
  • Simple setup
  • Great mobile app
  • Just one USB port and 3 LAN
  • Slow file transfers over USB
  • No instructions for many features
  • One year warranty

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