Superphone Round-Up: Samsung, HTC, LG and More

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LG Optimus G Pro

When placed next to the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S 4, LG’s Optimus G Pro looks significantly larger. Indeed, the Optimus G Pro is a bigger device because it has a larger, 5.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS display. Sometimes referred to as a phablet due to the fact that its size blurs the lines between a smartphone and a tablet, the larger screen found on the Optimus G Pro enables some great features including QSlide.

QSlide is a multitasking mode found on the Optimus G Pro that enables you to view up to three applications at the same time. Whereas Samsung’s Multi Window simply splits your home screen so you can view two applications simultaneously, QSlide lets you move and resize QSlide apps and change their transparency. In terms of multitasking functionality, we prefer the QSlide implementation over the Multi Window option. The only drawback to QSlide is the limited app functionality. Currently, you can use QSlide only with four applications: Videos, Note Pad, Calendar, and Calculator. Even with the limited app support, it’s important to keep in mind that any app can run in the background of these QSlide apps.

LG’s QuickMemo application found on the Optimus G Pro lets you capture screen shots, write on any screen, create notes, and share images you’ve created. This application is useful for collaborating with colleagues on a project or sharing directions with a friend. During our tests, we found this application to be useful though we would have appreciated a stylus in order to make even greater use of the app.

The Optimus G Pro comes with a number of unique camera modes that let you take advantage of the phone’s 2.1 MP Full HD front-facing camera and a 13 MP full HD rear-facing autofocus camera with full HD video recording capabilities. Some of the popular shooting modes include Cheese shutter, Intelligent Auto, HDR, Panorama, Burst Shot, and Beauty Shot modes. With Time Catch Shot, the camera will capture five sequential pictures before the shutter key is touched to help ensure you don’t miss an important moment.


Quick Memo (left), QSlide (right)

An image captured using VR Panorama on the LG Optimus G Pro.

One of the most unique camera features found on the Optimus G Pro is VR Panorama. This feature lets you capture photos in every direction and combines these images into a single panoramic image. This panoramic image is different from traditional panoramic images because it allows you to get more of a 360-degree like view using both the horizontal and vertical axis.

When you want to share a moment with a friend or put yourself in the action, the Optimus G Pro’s Dual Recording feature lets you capture video from both cameras simultaneously.

Although the Optimus G Pro is a great phone with a lot of really cool features, the fact that it is exclusively available through AT&T is a bit of a drawback because it limits the phone’s appeal to customers tied to other networks. With that said, if you’re an AT&T customer or are willing to switch carriers, the Optimus G Pro definitely deserves its spot in this super phone roundup.

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