Small Wonder: Zotac's HD-ND01 Nettop Review

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Gaming: Quake III: Arena, Jedi Knight II

Quake III Arena, Jedi Knight II
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No, you didn't misread the page title, and you've not gone crazy. We deliberately chose both Quake III and Jedi Knight II, hoping to define a starting point for the games Intel's GMA 950 actually can run. We opted for these two titles (now ten years and seven years old, respectively), based on their popularity, engine, and capabilities. We benchmarked Quake III at both 640x480 with all video quality settings set to default and at 1280x1024, with all details turned up. We tested Jedi Knight II similarly, but opted for a single resolution (1280x1024), at max details.

So, there we have it. The GMA 950 can handle games that are 7-10 years old when combined with Atom 330. Not much to write home about there, especially compared to ION. Then again, comparing Ion to GMA 950 is a horse that's already been beaten down a time or three; we'll let the graphs speak for themselves in this regard. 

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