Small Wonder: Zotac's HD-ND01 Nettop Review

Size Comparison

We've included a couple of photos of the Zotac HD-ND01 along with a couple similarly sized devices in order to give you a more visceral feel for the unit's size and shape. In the top-down shot below, the HD-ND01 is sitting on top of an XBox 360 HD-DVD player with the Nintendo Wii alongside. The Zotac system is shorter and more squarish than either the Wii or the XBox drive.

The same three devices from the front. Note that the HD-ND01 isn't actually completely squared-off on any side; the unit will balance on edge, but wobbles. Fortunately this is a non-issue; Zotac includes both a stand for the system and a VESA mount-compatible mounting frame for installation on a flat panel with the appropriate holes.

Same system, mounted to the back of a monitor. The system tucks away neatly behind a flat panel and comes equipped with wireless network connectivity, but unless you've got an ultra-short DSUB/HDMI cable and a full wireless setup you'll still have to accept a bit of wire-clutter.

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