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Intoducing the SiS655FX Chipset
An Overview of Functionality and Performance

By: Jeff Bouton
October 2, 2003

Quake 3 & Comanche 4
Gaming Tests

We also tested the two motherboards with a couple of games.  In this case we ran two popular tests, Quake 3 and Comanche 4.  With Quake 3 we set the application to the "Fastest Setting" which effectively takes the video out of the picture, focusing on raw CPU performance.  With Comanche 4, a benchmark that is very CPU dependant, we left the settings at their defaults while selecting the "No Audio" option.

With both gaming tests, the Intel 865PE maintained the faster score, albeit by a small margin.  Either way you look at it, both systems returned very good, competitive results and the SiS655FX looks impressive all around.


Content Creation 2002 and Business Winstone 2002
Real World Application Testing

With our last round of tests we ran both Business Winstone 2002 and Content Creation Winstone 2002.  Each application gauges a system's overall performance with workstation and multimedia applications.  Business Winstone 2002 tests performance with common workstation applications, while Content Creation 2002 tests multimedia intensive applications.  Below is a list of the programs each test uses to calculate its final score.


Business Winstone 2002

  • Lotus Notes® R5

  • Microsoft® FrontPage® 2002 SP-1

  • Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2002 SP-1

  • Microsoft® Excel 2002 SP-1

  • Microsoft® Access 2002 SP-1

  • Microsoft® Word 2002 SP-1

  • Microsoft® Project 2000

  • WinZip® 8.0

  • Norton AntiVirusTM from Symantec

  • Netscape® 6.2.1

Content Creation 2002

  • Adobe Photoshop 6.0.1

  • Adobe Premiere 6.0

  • Macromedia Director 8.5

  • Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4

  • Microsoft Windows Media Encoder

  • Netscape Navigator 6/6.01

  • Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 5.0c (build 184)


As we wrap the benchmarking section up, the picture didn't change much compared to the other tests.  Each board performed virtually identical and in the case of Content Creation 2002, we had an even tie, possibly a HotHardware first, coming from two different chipsets.

The SiS655FX chipset delivers performance, about on par with Intel's mainstream i865PE chipset.  After taking this reference board for a ride, we must say that we believe SiS has come up with a very strong alternative to the Intel 865/875 family of chipsets.  The SiS655FX offers motherboard manufacturers a choice at a better price.  In the end, this benefits everyone involved by allowing each motherboard OEM the ability to offer powerful boards at a lower price points, without sacrificing performance or features.  Ultimately this benefits you, the customer, by giving you a more than capable motherboard and more choices to work with in your selection process.  With integrated proprietary technology, namely Hyperstreaming, the SiS655FX is an efficient performer that can compete with the likes of the Intel 865/875 family of chipsets and the SiS964 Southbridge ensures you will not be left yearning for more features.  Like Intel's ICH5, even those of you that have taken the Serial ATA plunge, have a support with the SiS655FX.  We have a feeling we are going to see a lot of this chipset cropping up and until someone else comes out with a better solution, SiS is going to be sitting pretty for a while, as the only real competitor to Intel's latest chipset offering for the P4.

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