Shuttle Spacewalker AE23 i815EP Motherboard

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The Shuttle Spacewalker AE23 i815EP Motherboard
A Diamond in the Rough...

By Jeff Bouton
May 9, 2001


System Performance
Busines Winstone, Content Creation, & Quake 3

The first benchmark we ran was Business Winstone 2001, a benchmark that tests a systems overall performance when running 32-bit applications.  Lets take a look and see how it faired...

Business Winstone


As you can see, the AE23 scored an excellent 33.8 and left the DFI board behind.  The AE23 topped the DFI board by a gain of 25%!  That's a pretty nice jump if you ask me.  Now lets move on to the next benchmark, Content Creation Winstone.  This program benchmarks a systems overall performance when running intensive graphics based programs like Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and Macromedia Director 8.  With such positive results with Business Winstone, we were eager to continue...

Content Creation


Once again we found the AE23 easily handled the task, posting an impressive score of 37.3.  The AE23 motherboard overcame the DFI board, besting it by an impressive 18%.  But let us not forget that all work and no play makes for a dull day (or something like that).  We know that this board has proven that it is ready to work, but how about play?  Our next benchmark should put that question to rest.  We ran the venerable Quake 3 Time Demo 001 that has become such a standard that no explanation should be necessary.  For this test we ran various resolutions with the the quality set to high.

Quake 3


You have to hand it to the DFI CS60-EC, it wasn't about to be shut-out of this one.  The two boards both handled the intensity of Quake 3 quite well.  With out a doubt, using the Shuttle Spacewalker AE23 and a quality video card will result in a competent gaming rig.


After giving the Shuttle Spacewalker AE23 a thorough inspection and making it run a few laps around the benchmark track, we feel pretty good about it.  The AE23 is a premium crafted board that is a pleasure to use.  Although some of the bios features were limited, in our opinion, the boards performance speaks for itself.  Unless you are a hardcore overclocker, the overall benchmark results were above average for an i815EP based mother board and would surely please anyone who is looking for a solid motherboard to base a system on.  For excellent quality and above average performance, we give the Shuttle Spacewalker AE23 a Hot Hardware Meter Rating of a...


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