Seagate Barracuda ES.2 1TB Hard Drive

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Sandra Test Results (continued)

Our SiSoft SANDRA testing continues below...

SiSoftware Sandra XII SP1 (continued)

The Barracuda ES.2's Sandra File System Drive Index is pretty impressive at 81.49 MB/s (as shown in the first chart above). Additionally, the Sequential Read, Random Read, and Sequential Write Rates of the Barracuda ES.2 are higher than any of the other drives' results. The Barracuda ES.2's Randrom Write score was the lowest of the test drives, though. Although we put more weight in the Sequential and Random Read and Write scores, we were somewhat baffled (and disappointed) by the Barracuda ES.2's poor Buffered Read and Write scores. It's not clean as to what caused this dip in performance, but we will be sure to let you know when we have more information.

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