Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 Limited Edition

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Overclocking the Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 LE

Overclocking the Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 LE
Letting This One Fly

When it came to overclocking the Sapphire Radeon X800GTO2 LE, our experience was impressive to say the least.  To overclock this card, we utilized the latest version of ATITOOL, which offers a number advantages over Sapphire's Trixx software and other utilities.  One great feature with ATITOOL is its ability to automatically scan the core and memory for the highest possible overclock while scanning for artifacts during the process.  The utility also ramps up each component for maximum temperature load to ensure the highest speed hit is stable and artifact free. 

Once complete, we were very impressed with the results.  In the end, we managed a peak core speed of 603MHz, 203MHz over the stock speed, an increase of over 50%!  With the memory scores, the increase was also impressive and sizeable.  Here we managed to increase the memory clockspeed to 605MHz, a boost of 115MHz or 24%. 

To measure the performance gains while overclocking, we used F.E.A.R. since it is a solid benchmark and excellent stress test.  At 1600x1200 we saw gains of 11 FPS with the No AA test and 6 FPS with 4XAA/8X Aniso testing.  This resulted in an increase of 35% and 30%, respectively.  What's not to like here?

Lastly, with the X800GTO2 card set at these peak clockspeeds, we were impressed to see the stock cooling was up to the task.  At stock 400/490 the core temperature was 53oC under constant load.  When we set the clockspeeds to 603/605, the core temperature peaked to 62oC, which wasn't bad for stock cooling.  We suspect that this card may have additional headroom if an aftermarket cooler was used.

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