Sapphire Radeon X800 XT - PCI Express

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The Card: Up Close & Personal

We like to physically inspect every piece of hardware that enters the HotHardware lab before installing it into our test system to evaluate performance.  Below we have some pictures of Sapphire's PCI Express Radeon X800 XT, highlighting some of its more interesting physical attributes...

The Sapphire Radeon X800 XT - PCI Express
High-End PCIe Graphics




Sapphire's PCI Express Radeon X800 XT is strictly modeled after ATi's reference design, save for the custom decal affixed to the fan shroud.  The card is built upon a bright red PCB, with a sizable copper heatsink that's equipped with a large fan.  During normal operation, we found the cooling solution installed on the Sapphire Radeon X800 XT to be extremely silent, which is a big plus in our book.  The GPU is clocked at 500MHz (8.0GPixel/s fillrate) and the 256MB of Samsung GDDR3 memory is clocked at 500MHz (1.0GHz effective) as well.  Sapphire has also equipped this card with ATi's Rage Theater chip, which gives it its video in / video out functionality.  The ViVo connector is visible on the mounting plate, in between the DB15 and DVI outputs.  This connector configuration gives users the ability to connect the Sapphire X800 XT to just about any television, LCD or monitor.  And it can power dual-independent displays concurrently thanks  to the inherent capabilities built-into the X800 GPU.

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