Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone Review

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Performance: Web Browsing

Since browsing the Web is a key feature of any smartphone, we also conducted some formal speed tests to see how well the Galaxy S II compares to some of today's hottest smartphones.

We ran the Xtremelabs speed test here ten times on AT&T's HSPA+ network. Granted, network conditions will obviously impact your results (which will always vary), but it's safe to say that the Galaxy S II underperformed somewhat compared to the competition, but it wasn't awful by any means. Also, this phone is unlocked, so it has never passed through AT&T's optimization labs. If and when this handset comes to AT&T, we suspect speeds will improve.

It's a similar tale with the scores. The Galaxy S II landed right in the middle of our combatants, and in real world use, we found ourselves quite pleased with speeds. We also found performance to be somewhat higher when outdoors compared to indoors. Wi-Fi felt somewhat faster than HSPA+, but not dramatically so.

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