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Chromotion 3.0 - Panel Drive and ArtisticLicense

Chromotion 3.0 - Continued
Wrapping Up Chromotion 3.0's Features

Another feature designed to improve video clarity is S3 "PanelDrive" Response Time Enhancement.  This process can help with screens that have slow response times, by applying a process that briefly overdrive's the pixel to improve its response.  The end result is reduced motion blur on slower LCD panel displays by tweaking the pixel's response time.  Additionally, S3 provides its ChromoColor feature which provides Gamma correction for the computer display as well as a separate Gamma correction option for video playback.  ChromoColor also provide a Tonal Adjustment feature which offers White and Black Point Enhancement.  This give more control over image quality by affecting shadows and highlights within the image.

Rounding out Chromotion 3.0's feature set is S3's "ArtisiticLicense Effects".  ArtisiticLicense Effects offers various filtering methods for image enhancement whether we're talking about video playback or still imagery.  This feature offers 4 separate filters, some of which are subtle while others can change the appearance of the image drastically.



Neon Edge

The first method is Emboss, which gives the image a metallic, stamped appearance as seen in the before and after images above.  This feature has a slider that can apply a gentle embossing up to full embossing which completely grays out the image.  Neon Edging is another option which adds a neon glow the edges of an object within an image.   This, like all of the effects, offers a slider control to adjust the intensity of the effect as well.

Soft Focus

The third option is Soft Focus which adds a soft focus filter to the image on screen.  This is similar to Portrait mode on a digital camera which adds a soft focus to the subject in the image. Additionally, this effect can give digital video a film-like feel.


Lastly is the Sharpening Effect feature which improves the clarity of an image very similar to the way a photo editing program would apply a sharpness filter.

For those looking to add various effects to their video and pictures, ArtisticLicense offers a few fun features that work well for those looking to add a little extra to their digital image content.

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