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Chromotion 3.0 - Overview

Chromotion 3.0
3rd Generation Programmable Video Engine

S3's Chromotion engine is a programmable video engine that operates at the pixel pipeline level of the Chrome S20 series GPU's.  Chromotion 3.0 fully supports Microsoft's DirectX VA standard and works outside the scope of video playback software, instead being controlled at the hardware level.  This enables Chromotion features to be applied to any video playback software, regardless of brand or version, as long as they support the DirectX VA standard.  Running exclusively in the GPU, Chromotion can apply its various filters and features with minimal CPU utilization.

Chromotion Features

  • MV9 Motion Compensation and Hardware Acceleration
  • MPEG-2 IDCT and Motion Compensation Hardware Acceleration
  • Video Deblocking
  • ChromoVision
  • HDTV Format
  • Adaptive Per-Pixel De-Interlacing
  • Video Scaling with PanelSharp Expansion
  • ChromoVision Modes with ChromeView Non-Linear Scaling
  • PanelDrive
  • ChromoColor
  • ChromoColor Tonal Adjustment
  • ArtisticLicense Effects

Chromotion's video features are comprehensive, with a lot of advanced options that aim to increase video quality in various situations.  S3 employs hardware acceleration to improve WMV and MPEG playback as well as improving video quality.  Several methods are used to improve image quality, including S3's IDCT engine, which uses a motion compensation algorithm to apply predictive coding techniques to improve image quality.  This is achieved by focusing on the parts of the image that change while ignoring the areas that do not.  For low quality videos where the image appears blocky, Video Deblocking can be applied to improve the image quality as well.  Since this can be an intensive task depending on how poor the video quality is, S3 offers a slider to control this feature in the driver panel to adjust how much Deblocking is applied to the image.

ChromoVision gives the ability to send full screen video to an HDTV display while rendering the same video in a window on your desktop.  This is a useful feature when you want to send a video to a HDTV in another room, making it unnecessary to have controls on the TV to adjust the video playback.

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