PSU Shootout: Tagan Turbojet TG1100-U95 & Thermaltake Toughpower 750W

Close Up: Thermaltake Toughpower 750W PSU

Close Up: Thermaltake Toughpower 750W PSU
750W Powerhouse

The Thermaltake Toughpower 750W Cable Management PSU may not have the most elegant of names, but the unit itself is quite sleek. This 750 watt Power Supply has a clean, organized design by virtue of its modular cable configuration.  Rather than having a bouquet of cables stemming from its chassis, the Toughpower 750W offers the flexibility to connect only those cables deemed necessary with an embedded socket configuration. 


Thermaltake offers banks of ports, broken down by component, to ensure a balanced load on the PSU.  The first bank on the left powers an 8-Pin 12V power connector to supplement a motherboard's 24-Pin ATX power supply.  The 8-Pin head is modular as well and can be split in two halves to work with 4-Pin ATX power connections.  The second bank is designated for two PCI-E connections along with a third (primary) PCI-E supply which is wired directly to the unit.  The next grouping powers 4-Pin peripherals such as DVD drives and floppy drives.  Each of the two cables come with 4 Molex heads as well as a floppy drive power connector.  The last grouping provides SATA power, utilizing two cables with 3 SATA power connectors each.   The main 24-Pin ATX power connector is also convertible to a 20-Pin head by a quick lock system that permits the release of the extra 4 pins.


The Toughpower 750W boasts an oversized 14cm cooling fan that delivers 82 CFM to keep its inner workings cool while maintaining a low ambient noise factor by throttling through the use of an automatic temperature control.  Along with the necessary modular cables needed to marry up to their respective inputs, Thermaltake also provides a power cord, mounting screws and a rubber insulator designed to minimize vibration. 

Rated for 100VAC-240VAC, the Toughpower 750W PSU has a combined peak wattage rating of 750 watts total and is SLI, Crossfire and dual core processor ready.  Each of the four 12v rails is rated for a peak load of 18 amps per rail, while the +3.3v feed supports 30 amps and the +5V 28 amps. The unit is designed with an internal load regulator to help maintain steady voltage flow under the heaviest of loads, keeping tolerances within +/-3%.  The PSU also utilizes active power factor correction to maintain a steady .99 Power Factor, which we'll touch on further in our testing segment of this review.

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