PSU Shootout: Tagan Turbojet TG1100-U95 & Thermaltake Toughpower 750W

Introduction and Product Specifications

Power -- It's one of the most important factors for peak system performance and stability. Yet, the PSU is still an often overlooked PC component. While not as sexy as a high-end motherboard, video card or RAM, the power supplying these components is just as important as the components themselves.  With the heightened demands of the latest computing hardware, ample power is an increasingly important consideration for performance and stability. Dual GPU configurations are now commonplace and CPUs are sporting multiple cores, all of which place greater demand on the PSU.  Throw some overclocking into the mix and a common 550w PSU will crack under the stress, which can end up causing some stress of its own.

Today, we are going to take a look at two Power Supply Units that cater to the enthusiast community. First up is the Toughpower 750W Cable management from Thermaltake. Equipped with a 14cm fan for quiet cooling, this 750 watt PSU offers a clean, modular cabling solution, with support for SLI, Crossfire, and multi-core processors.

Toughpower 750W Cable management


The second PSU we'll be evaluating is the Tagan Turbojet TG1100-U95.  This behemoth of a PSU offers 1100 Watts (1.1 kilowatts) of peak power output, which should be more than enough power to drive the most demanding collection of computer components including quad-core CPUs and quad-SLI configurations.

Tagan Turbojet TG1100-U95

In the pages ahead we'll spotlight each PSU's feature set, then we'll perform some real world stress testing to see how these two PSUs compare when under heavy power demands.  We'll also throw in results from an UltraX2-Connect 550 Watt PSU to demonstrate how these two high power PSUs compare to a more mainstream PSU, as well as see which is the most efficient at doing its job.

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