PowerColor Liquid Cooled Radeon HD 4890 LCS


Before wrapping up the article, we'll cover one of the selling points of this card. Since the aim of watercooling is to improve heat dissipation and lower operating temps, we recorded the idle and load temperatures of the GPUs during benchmarking. Our testing environment is climate controlled at 22.2C / 72F and we used RivaTuner to monitor core temps. 

GPU Core Temperatures
Monitored with RivaTuner

One of the biggest complaints about modern videocards is the high level of heat they produce in and around the system. You can see the huge difference between watercooled and traditional air cooling from the results above. The HD 4890 LCS is the clear winner here, as it runs cooler at load than the 295 and 4870X2 do while idle. PowerColor's product even beat the liquid cooled Zotac GTX 285 by running 26 degrees cooler under load and 6 cooler degrees in an idle state.   

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