PowerColor Liquid Cooled Radeon HD 4890 LCS

Overclocking the HD 4890 LCS

ATI's Overdrive utility is found withing the Catalyst Control Center and provides an simple overclocking tool for those who want to get more performance from their videocard. We pushed this factory overclocked 4890 to the limit in order to find out how much headroom was left.

Overclocking The Radeon HD 4890
Pedal To The Metal

With gradual speed increases and plenty of stability testing, we were able to take PowerColor's HD 4890 LCS from the factory overclocked speeds of 900MHz CPU clock and 1000MHz memory frequency up to a sizzling 970MHz and 1115MHz respectively. The extra horsepower provided extra frame rates in our Crysis and FarCry 2 benchmarks, as shown above. It also seems the performance bump was enough to push the PowerColor LCS past the stock GTX 285. 

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