PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Gameplay And Performance Review: An Addictive Masterpiece

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PUBG: Our Opinion And The Wrap-Up

Bluehole has improved PUBG in all the right areas. Granted, a mere two maps for game theaters is nothing to write home about, necessarily. Also remember, there is no lore or any sort of story-driven campaign for this game. However, the new map inclusion, when bundled with all the other new features, add heaps of new variables and meta-games to create. It all makes this great game even better with a ton of replayability. We only hope Bluehole will continue to expand things and make further refinements, which one would think shouldn't be an issue. There are still occasional network lag spikes and as well as glitches with the squad matchmaking. Sometimes this is helped by refreshing the lobby -- sometimes not. But these are minor annoyances that will undoubtedly be ironed out.

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PUBG's new replay feature exposes ALL!

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a fun, highly addictive and engaging game to play, but an incredibly challenging one to master. Lucky for you, the few vital tips and tricks we listed in our Mastering PUBG With NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights article, still greatly apply here in this final cut, post-Early Access release of the game.

There is a very good reason PUBG is still the #1 most played game on Steam. And, if its developers continue to iterate and support the game as they have, that may not change for a long time to come. If you grew tired of the Early Access version, now is the perfect time to jump back in. The new settings, map, replay recording and movement system make it easy to ignore its relatively paltry $30 cost of entry.  In this day and age of $60 game titles, PlayUnknown's Battlegrounds is a masterpiece of mayhem with a seriously good return on investment.

hothardware recommended

hot not
  • Highly addictive action gaming fun
  • Entertaining and easy to learn
  • Movement/climbing system is a game changer
  • Built-in, feature-rich replay system
  • Handy DeathCam for reporting cheaters and licking your wounds
  • No story or campaign mode
  • Lack of effectual gear/item customization
  • Only two maps currently available
  • Minor glitches remain
hothardware recommended

hot not
  • Epic, engaging battles
  • Combat is fluid, hard-hitting, sastisfying
  • Bolstered Nemesis system adds fun factor
  • Varied and personal engagements
  • Larger setting variety and solid visuals
  • Addictive army-building
  • Lack-luster story line not true to lore
  • Graphic engine beginning to show age
  • Mild control issues

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