Pentium 4 3GHz w/ 800MHz System Bus and Intel's Canterwood

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Intel's Pentium 4 3GHz With 800MHz System Bus
And The i875P "Canterwood" Chipset
More bandwidth and leading edge desktop technology for the P4

By, Dave Altavilla
and Chris Angelini
April 14, 2003

These next two gaming tests are heavily swayed by processor performance and memory bandwidth.  Here we should see the new P4 3GHz and Canterwood chipset based system pull out in front even more.

3D Gaming performance with Quake 3 and Comanche 4
Play time

Comanche 4 is as CPU bound as any gaming benchmark we have seen in the lab to date.  It should lay down a respectable gauntlet of punishment for the various test systems.

Resolution and Color Depth:  640X480X32

Another sweep for the D875PBZ Canterwood board, by a somewhat slim margin in most cases.  However, the P4 3GHz with an 800MHz system bus, takes the lead versus the 3.06GHz P4s, by about 8%.  Once again, the Athlon XP 3000+ doesn't seem to live up to its moniker, coming in well behind even a 2.8GHz P4 Granite Bay setup.



Go figure, Quake 3 Arena likes the new 800MHz System Bus of the P4 3GHz CPU as well.  Here the new P4 takes the lead by about 11.5%.  It was interesting to note that the D875PBZ didn't fair as well as the Asus Granite Bay board did.  However, this again is indicative of the aggressive tweaking (or shall we say " slight factory overclocking") that Asus puts into their boards.

SpecViewperf 7.1, Disk Winmarks and The Wrap-up

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