Pentium 4 3GHz w/ 800MHz System Bus and Intel's Canterwood

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Intel's Pentium 4 3GHz With 800MHz System Bus
And The i875P "Canterwood" Chipset
More bandwidth and leading edge desktop technology for the P4

By, Dave Altavilla
and Chris Angelini
April 14, 2003

As a relatively new addition to our battery of tests, we have FutureMark's 3DMark 2003.  Here we'll give you not only the default 1024X768 test results, but also specifics of the CPU Performance Module, that the benchmark utilizes to measure host CPU performance.

3DMark 2003 Testing
Leading edge DX9 rendering performance





The default benchmark scores at 1024X768 with 32 bit color, are certainly more graphics pipeline bound than anything else.  However, since many people that run 3DMark 03, utilize this score on a regular basis, we felt the data was relevant.  Here the pack is bunched up tight, with the P4 3G-800 and Canterwood system holding the lead by a slight margin.  On the other end of the spectrum, we see a fairly wild spread in performance for the CPU test.  The P4 3G-800 clearly takes the lead, with the Canterwood based D875PBZ motherboard sweeping the rest of benchmarks easily as well.  What is interesting is that the 2.8GHz Granite Bay score outpaced the 3.06GHz GB score significantly as well.  This again points to an HT disadvantage but the Canterwood based systems seem to clearly recoup all of it and more.  We re-ran this test several times and came up with similar results.  We'll report back here if we uncover any other useful data that will explain this variance.

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