Pentium 4 3.06GHz Processor With Hyperthreading

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Intel's Pentium 4 3.06GHz Processor
Intel breaks 3GHz barrier and  introduces Hyperthreading to the mainstream

By, Dave Altavilla
and Chris Angelini
November 14, 2002

Multi-threaded applications will definitely allow the new Pentium 4's Hyperthreading technology to shine.  Applications such as Adobe Photoshop 7, Newtek Lightwave and XMPEG have been coded to take advantage of multiprocessor systems and as a result, will directly benefit from Hyperthreading as well.

Video Encoding Benchmarks
Where multithreading and Hyperthreading take flight

We took a standard MPEG 2 format video clip and converted it to DIVX with the most recent 5.02 CODEC installed.  Here are the results.


Higher Scores, In Frames Per Second , Mean Better Performance

As you can see, not only does the Pentium 4 dominate this test but the Hyperthreading enabled P4 pulls ahead of the non-HT CPU by a commanding 16% margin.  The standard 3.06GHz scores scale accordingly versus lower clock speed processors.  The 3.06GHz P4 is roughly 10% faster than a 2.8GHz chip.



In case you haven't heard of Main Concept's video conversion utility, here's a link to their site.  We used their AVI to MPEG converter that you can also download and test for yourself.  We took a relatively small 5MB AVI file and converted it to MPEG format and used the "DVD" type option for conversion.  The results here fall pretty much in line with expectations.  However, once again we see the benefits of Hyperthreading, with the HT enabled system coming in some 11% faster than the standard P4 at 3.06GHz.

PCMark 2002 Testing

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