Pentium 4 1.8GHz. Review

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Intel's Pentium 4 1.8GHz. Processor
Yielding additional gains in performance

By, Dave Altavilla
July 2, 2001

We chose carefully our test system for this article.  If you are interested in learning about several i850 based boards that support the P4, please check out our reviews of the Asus P4T, Gigabyte GA-8TX and MSI MS-850Pro



HotHardware Test System
If we build it, they will come...


However, we ran with our favorite P4/i850 Motherboard, that being of course, the Abit TH7-RAID.




Intel Based Test System:

  • Intel Pentium 4 1.8GHz. Processor

  • Abit TH7-RAID Pentium 4 Motherboard

  • 256MB of Samsung PC800 RAMBUS DRDRAM

  • nVidia GeForce3 AGP

  • Stock Intel HSF

  • IBM DTLA307030 30Gig ATA100 7200 RPM Hard Drive

  • WindowsME 

  • Direct X 8.0 and nVidia reference drivers version 12.41

  • Intel chipset drivers version 2.90

AMD Based Test System:

  • AMD Athlon 1.4GHz. (266MHz. fsb)

  • DFI AK76 (AMD 761) Athlon Motherboard

  • 256mb CAS 2 Crucial DDR SDRAM

  • nVidia GeForce3 AGP

  • 30GB IBM 7200 RPM HD

  • WindowsME 

  • Direct X 8.0 and nVidia reference drivers version 12.41


Low Level Benchmarks
SiSoftware Sandra


Just a quick sanity check with CPUID to see that we actually have a 1.8GHz. P4 here...




Now for some quick and dirty numbers from SiSoft Sandra.  Click images for full view.


CPU Test

Memory Bandwidth Test

Multimedia Performance Test



To say the least, memory scores taken from this test are more than impressive.  As well, multimedia performance is very robust for the 1.8GHz. P4.  In the CPU tests however, the 1.2GHz. Athlon is close by and in the ball park in terms of Integer and Floating Point performance.


Let's set up a few more strenuous tests and dig a little deeper into the numbers.



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