Origin PC EON15-S Review: A Svelte, Sensibly-Priced Gaming Laptop

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Origin PC EON15-S: Battery Life And Noise

In the following benchmarks we employ two very different battery life tests—Battery Eater Pro and a custom 1080p HD video loop test—to prove out battery life with our test group of machines and the EON15-S. In all tests, Windows 10 Quiet Hours have been enabled and displays are calibrated with light meters on pure white screens to as close to 115 lux (on the meter) as possible. For the average notebook this is somewhere between a 45 - 60 percent brightness setting.

Since notebook displays significantly affect power consumption and battery life, it's important to ensure a level playing field with respect to brightness of the display for battery testing. However, since many notebook displays vary in brightness at each respective brightness setting in Windows, this calibration with the meter is also critical to ensure all displays are set to as near identical brightness as possible before testing.

Battery Life Testing
Heavy-Duty Workload And Light-Duty Battery Life Performance Tests

Battery Eater Pro provides a heavy load on the laptop and generally runs through its battery life much faster than our custom video loop test. Our video benchmark helps you get a sense of how long the laptop will handle ordinary tasks while on battery power; Battery Eater Pro presents a worst-case scenario.

Origin PC EON15-S Battery Eater Pro

Origin PC EON15-S HH Video Loop

Armed with a removable 6-cell battery, the EON15-S stayed wide-eyed and awake in Battery Eater Pro for nearly two and a half hours, which is neither spectacular nor bad. In our own home-brewed battery benchmark, the system approached five ours of run time, which is actually not that far off of Origin PC's claimed six hours of battery life.

Of course, battery life on a gaming laptop is not a major concern—games are taxing and tend to drain a battery dry pretty quick. As always, we recommend staying close to a power outlet when gaming.

Acoustics And Noise Emission
Origin PC EON15-S Vents

The EON15-S stays quite for general purpose computing chores, though it does not take long for the fans to ramp up and blow out hot air when stressing the CPU and GPU. It is almost an immediate effect when playing a game. The EON15-S is a bit loud when gaming or otherwise stressing the system, though with a good set of headphones (or cranking up the volume on a decent set of speakers), you can drown out the noise.

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