OCZ Vertex 2 Pro, Sandforce Powered SSD Preview

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File Transfer Tests

Our final series of tests are what you might call more "crude measurements" in that we simply fired up our trusty stop-watch and measured the time it took to complete a copy and paste command of a single large file or a bunch of large files from one storage volume in our test system to another.

** Please note that we utilized a Fusion-io ioDrive card as our source drive in some of the following tests, to read files from or copy files to, for our read and write measurements of all reference products in this test.  This affords us the luxury of much higher available bandwidth from the source or target drive, such that it would not be the limiting factor in a given test condition.  This test condition provides an equal playing field for all product but should be considered a "best case" usage model in that the target or destination drive each SSD is writing to or reading from, is dramatically faster than any spinning hard drive on the market today, in most cases, orders of magnitude faster.

Bulk File Transfer Tests - Read/Write Performance
Custom File Transfers Measured

Interestingly, in our multi-file transfer test, the OCZ Vertex 2 Pro is easily able to keep pace with the Intel SSDs for read performance, when copying several 100MB+ files from each of their volumes to the target Fusion-io drive.  Where the Vertex 2 Pro and Sandforce 1500 controller really excel, however, is with respect to write performance.  Here the Vertex 2 Pro has an almost 5 second advantage, or about 29% or so, versus the 160GB Intel X25-M Gen 2 SSD.

Here, with just one large file but roughly the same amount of data, things tighten up a bit for the 160GB Intel SSD, but the Sandforce-based OCZ Vertex 2 Pro still outpaces it by 2.5 seconds or about 15%.

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