OCZ Technology Neutrino Netbook Review

Power Consumption and Battery Life

OCZ's Neutrino comes bundled with a removable, rechargeable 4 Cell Li-ion battery (2200mAh), which sits nicely between the puny 3 Cell options found in most netbooks and the bulging 6 Cell alternatives that typically cost users an extra $50. This battery slides into the rear of the unit perfectly, and it doesn't add a noticeable amount of bulk to the machine's bottom.

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In our testing with Battery Eater Pro, we found that the Neutrino lasted exactly three hours on the dot with Wi-Fi activated. Mind you, Battery Eater Pro attempts to strain the machine it's running on as if to replicate real-world usage. If you were to turn brightness all the way down, disable Wi-Fi and simply type a Word document, we could definitely envision you squeezing four hours of life from a full charge. Crank up the YouTube videos and keep the SSD / HDD active, and it's not hard to think that two hours would be all it could handle.

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The bottom line? You can pretty much bank on netting three hours of usage here in most real-world scenarios, which is darn good for a 4 Cell battery. We were duly impressed with how long this machine lasted without forcing Windows 7 into hibernation, and we'd wager that three hours of life is plenty for most folks in all but the most extreme or atypical of circumstances.

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