OCZ Technology Neutrino Netbook Review

Software and Benchmarks

As we've made painfully clear already, OCZ Technology doesn't include many extras in this package. No extras, really. Thus, it should come as no surprise to find that the Neutrino arrives with absolutely no software to speak of. As in, none whatsoever. No operating system. No bundled extras. Nothing. Of course, you knew that going on given the "DIY" nature of this beast, but we just wanted to make absolutely sure that you understood what comes with this netbook in terms of software, which is nada. You can, however, surf over to the Neutrino web portal in order to download drivers, but only after you get an OS on there and get your Internet connection working.

Using SiSoftware Sandra as a benchmarking tool (and the Processor Arithmetic test, specifically), we found that the 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270 within OCZ's Neutrino fared just a wee bit better than the baseline N270. As expected, it lagged behind the baseline N280 (1.66GHz) by a small bit, though it did perform better than the Core Solo U1500. On the whole, this processor performed exactly like any other N270-equipped netbook that we've seen, which is to say sufficiently enough for everyday tasks, but certainly not nimble enough for CPU intensive chores such as playing back HD video.

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Looking at the Processor Multi-Media test, you'll notice results that are eerily similar to those above. Once again, the Neutrino manages to best the baseline N270 by a hair, yet falls behind the most potent Intel offerings. As it should, it left the 1.3GHz Via Nano U2500 in the dust. Again, we weren't shocked by these results; in our multi-media testing, we found the CPU to be adequate in playing back standard definition (SD) video, but playing back more intensive clips (720p or higher) really put it in a bind.

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Memory performance was nothing to write home about, but results were about as expected -- if not a touch on the low side. You can only expect so much from a single channel DDR2 configuration.

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