OCZ RevoDrive X2 Review: Killer SSD Performance

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PCMark Vantage (Continued)

The following PCMark Vantage HDD tests are more write intensive and in some cases stress the Achilles' Heel of the average storage subsystem, that being random write performance

Futuremark's PCMark Vantage


In this series of more write-intensive test scenarios (with the exception of application loading), the RevoDrive X2 really begins to smoke, beating out even the ioXtreme SSD, that retails for over three times its cost per GB.  The Windows Media Center score is most impressive perhaps, but the RD X2 takes top honors in all four of these scripted test runs.  With the read-intensive Application Loading test, we're looking at over a 100% performance gain over the average SSD and about a 10% edge over the ioXtreme's score.  To say we were impressed with these results would be an understatement.  With some of these Vantage numbers backing up our synthetic test results, the OCZ RevoDrive X2 just became our new favorite SSD product.

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