OCZ RevoDrive X2 Review: Killer SSD Performance

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File Transfer Tests - General Performance

Our next series of tests are what you might call more "crude measurements" in that we simply fired up our trusty stop-watch and measured the time it took to complete a copy and paste command of a single large file or a bunch of large files from one storage volume in our test system to another.

** Please note that we utilized a Fusion-io ioDrive card as our source drive in the following tests, to read files from or copy files to, for our read and write measurements.  This affords us the luxury of much higher available bandwidth from the source drive or to a target drive, such that either direction would not be the limiting factor in a given test condition. 

Bulk File Transfer Tests - Read/Write Performance
Custom File Transfers Measured


Here the OCZ RevoDrive X2 offers a sizable performance gain over a standard SSD and actually bests the ioXtreme drive in write performance, but it can't quite catch it in this test case.  Interestingly, the OCZ IBIS drive shows measurable faster transfers in this test, versus the RD X2.  Let's look at a single large file transfer of 2.5GB of data.

With this test, the RevoDrive X2 drive shows that it's actually slightly faster than the ioXtreme in the write transfer test but slightly slower by a hair in reads.  This time the RD X2 also kept pace nicely with the OCZ IBIS drive.  We should also
note that, for the large sequential reads seen in this test and the test charted above, a single SSD offers similar performance.

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