OCZ RevoDrive Review: SSD RAID + PCI-Express

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PCMark Vantage

Next we ran the three drives through a battery of tests in PCMark Vantage from Futuremark Corp. We specifically used only the HDD Test module of this benchmark suite to evaluate all of the drives we tested. Feel free to consult Futuremark's white paper on PCMark Vantage for an understanding of what each test component entails and how it calculates its measurements. For specific information on how the HDD Test module arrives at its performance measurements, we'd encourage you to read pages 35 and 36 of the white paper.

Futuremark's PCMark Vantage

We really like PCMark Vantage's HDD Performance for its real-world application measurement approach to testing.  From simple Windows Vista start-up performance to data streaming from a disk drive in a game engine and video editing with Windows Movie Maker, we feel confident that these tests best illustrate the real performance profile of our SSDs in an end user/consumer PC usage model.

The RevoDrive is in its element in this selection of read-heavy benchmarks. Save for the import pictures test, where it's just 18 percent ahead of the GSkill, it clobbers everyone with 50-75 percent higher performance. These are the sorts of real-world tests that showcase the Revo's strongest points; OCZ obviously dosed the drive with Vitamin Whoopass before releasing it.


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