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NVIDIA'S GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
NV38 takes flight propelled with a new driver set

By David Altavilla
October 23,  2003




Benchmarks With Unreal Tournament 2003
Canned Fly-By demos or custom in game demo runs, you decide.  Benchmark optimizations?  You bet...

Epic's Unreal Tournament has consistently been one of the most popular shooters, and by no coincidence is it also one of the most widely used benchmarks for video card testing.  There are many variants to testing the demo version, one of which is to use a "Fly-by", which plays back a recorded tour of many of the game map levels.  Here in the labs, we use a custom INI file that maximizes the graphical settings, and then displays the average frame rate for three strenuous resolutions.  We chose the 1024x768x32 and 1600x1200x32 scores for our reports, with and without anti-aliasing enabled.

We also then recorded a custom demo run of a small bot match within the "Curse3" map, that involves 4 bots in a fairly vigorous fire-fight.  This test we feel is more indicative of real-world game play. Here are the results.

There's an interesting display of scoring here in the playing field.  The GFFX5950U edges out the Radeon 9800XT in the standard Phobos map fly-by demo with a 5% lead or so.  However, in our real world gaming situation and custom Curse3 Bot Match (agreeably a more CPU intensive scenario but you don't run fly-bys to play the game), the Radeon 9800XT takes the lead by ever so slight margin of 1 - 5%, dependant upon if AA is enabled or not.  We should note that just for kicks, we also ran a quick demo recording of a Bot Match we played in the Phobos map.  The results were consistent with the Phobos fly-by numbers above, the GFFX 5950U beat out the R9800XT by about 5%, with an 84.3 to 80.6 score result respectively.  So, it seems as though certainly the cards have their strengths and weaknesses depending on the maps you are gaming in, for UT2003.  However, overall the GeForce FX 5950 Ultra, with it's new Det 52.16 drivers seems to have the edge here, since the spread was much tighter when ATi took the lead in the Curse3 bot match.

Here the chips fall fairly close together once again, with one caveat.  The Radeon 9800XT with it's Catalyst 3.8 driver set, shows a 10% advantage with 4X AA enabled in the custom demo and the race is also tighter in the Phobos fly-by, with 4X AA as well.  This could be explained by NVIDIA's IQ improvements with AA, that we showed you earlier here.  While they're AA now looks as good as ATi's in UT2003, they are still taking a larger performance hit with what seems like a less efficient AA engine.  Regardless, the R9800XT also takes a very small lead in the Curse3 custom demo without AA as well.

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