NVIDIA's GeForce 7950 GX2 & Forceware Rel. 90

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Forceware Rel. 90 (Continued)

There are a multitude of screens and options available in the new Forceware Rel. 90 drivers, too many to show them all here.  But we do have some more screen captures from two of the main categories below -- Display and Video & Television.  The images below were captured with the drivers configured for Advanced users. There is a Basic view available as well.  And if you prefer the older interface that's still an option too.

Forceware Release 90
More of the new interface

Display Options

The main display options in Rel. 90 are laid out in a much more intuitive manner, and like the 3D image quality settings, display options that affect image quality are previewed on an image on the right. 

Video & Television

We also found the Video & Television related control panel menus to be easier to navigate and more user friendly.  Although you can't see it in the sceenshots above because the overlay isn't captured, there is a real-time preview on the right as well.  With Forceware Rel. 90, NVIDIA has incorporated a couple of new options that you may not have seen before.  With Rel. 90, the PureVideo engine has been updated with Edge Enhancement and Noise Reduction algorithms.  And user's can tweak these algorithms manually.  Rel. 90 also enhanced PureVideo's inverse telecine and de-interlacing algorithms to detect and correct more film cadences, as you'll see later on in our HQV results.

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