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Graphic Card Roundup
A comparative look at what's out there now

By Robert Maloney
March 29th, 2004

Performance Comparisons With Final Fantasy XI v2.0
Chocobos finally make it to the big screen

Final Fantasy is a title that is more well known by console gamers, but it appears that Squaresoft has made a successful jump to the PC, with a MMORPG version of the classic. The demo version is equipped with a built-in benchmark, which displays a score every time it makes a full cycle.  Although the demo is meant the check an entire system's readiness to play the game, the number of frames rendered in the demo scales well with different video cards installed.  Lower scores indicated some frames were dropped to complete the demo in the allotted time.  The scores below were taken with the demo set to "High Resolution" (1024x768), with anti-aliasing disabled. 

Well, the graph pretty much tells the story.  To recap, the Radeon 9800 and 9800XT pulled well ahead of all other cards, including the GeForce FX 5950 Ultra which they beat by 8-10%.  These were the highest scores that we had ever seen on this particular test rig; where for the first time we eclipsed the 5000 mark here.  From the 5950 Ultra to the 5700 Ultra it was a step like progression on down.  The ATi Radeon 9600XT brought up the rear, a full 911 points behind the 9800XT, or a performance delta of about 18%.

Benchmarking With Gun Metal
Big guns + metal robots = Gun Metal

We continued our testing with the pseudo-DX9 based Gun Metal benchmark developed by Yeti Studios. This benchmark, like all of the others used in this review, is based on an actual game engine. Gun Metal uses Vertex Shader 2.0 and Pixel Shader 1.1 ops in the creation of the game world. This test is heavily GPU limited, and because Yeti's intent was to stress all modern 3D accelerators, anti-aliasing (2X) and Anisotropic filtering are enabled by default, and can't be disabled. We ran this test at 1024x768 and then again at 1280x1024.

If we were to only use Gun Metal as our base of comparison, everyone would probably only run out and buy GeForce cards (which is why, of course, we run through a whole suite of games.)  The GFFX cards easily dominated these tests, with the performance of the 5700 Ultra rivaling that of the mighty 9800XT.  The 5950 Ultra was the big winner here with frame rates that were generally 20% higher than the two faster Radeons or the 5900XT.

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