NVIDIA TITAN V Review: Volta Compute, Mining, And Gaming Performance Explored

NVIDIA TITAN V: Shader Compute, Image Processing And Cryptography Benchmarks

The NVIDIA TITAN V is not designed specifically for gamers, so we fired up an array of GPU-compute workloads as well, to see what the card can do. We have less reference data here, but have fresh comparison numbers from a TITAN Xp and Radeon RX Vega 64 using the latest drivers available for each card.

First up, we have the Video Shader Compute and Shader Processing benchmark built into SiSoft SANDRA 2017. These tests performs a series of single and double-precision floating point operations on the GPU using either OpenGL or OpenCL and then reports the average speed of calculations.

SiSoft SANDRA 2017
Video Shader Performance Tests

shader compute 1 titan v

shader compute 2 titan v

shader compute 3 titan v

The double-precision cores on the TITAN V allow it to blow past the TITAN Xp and Vega 64 here. Though single-precision performance is only 50% higher or so, the TITAN V's double-precision performance is nearly 11x that of a TITAN Xp.

shader proc 1 titan v

shader proc 2 titan v

shader proc 3 titan v
The Shader Processing benchmark shows a similar trend. The Radeon RX Vega 64 puts up a strong showing versus a TITAN Xp, but nothing comes close to catching the TITAN V.

SiSoft SANDRA 2017
Cryptography And Image Processing OpenCL Performance Tests

The  SANDRA's GPGPU Image Processing benchmark runs through an array of filters on its reference data and offers up an aggregate score, derived from a number of individual results. Its GPGPU Cryptography benchmark churns through an assortment of workloads, and presents individual results for overall bandwidth, AES256 encryption and decryption, and SHA2-256 hashing bandwidth. 

shader crypto 1 titan v

shader crypto 2 titan v

shader crypto 3 titan v
The Cryptography benchmark shows the TITAN V offering nearly double the performance of a TITAN Xp in terms of overall bandwidth and encryption / decryption. Hashing bandwidth doesn't quite double the other cards, but the TITAN V still finished well out in front with roughly 100GB/s of additional bandwidth.

image processing titan v
AMD pulls off the upset in SANDRA's Image Processing benchmark. The Radeon RX Vega 64 takes the lead here, though the TITAN V is roughly 65% faster than a TITAN Xp.

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