Quadro P6000 And P5000 Review: NVIDIA's Most Powerful Pascal Graphics Cards

Quadro P6000 & P5000 Cryptography & Image Processing

SANDRA's GPGPU Image Processing benchmark runs through an array of filters on its reference data and offers up an aggregate score, derived from a number of individual results. Its GPGPU Cryptography benchmark churns through an assortment of workloads, and presents individual results for overall bandwidth, AES256 encryption and decryption, and SHA2-256 hashing bandwidth. CUDA and OpenCL code paths are available in these tests; we used both on the NVIDIA-powered cards and OpenCL on the Radeon Pro WX cards.

SiSoft SANDRA 2016 SP2
Cryptography And Image Processing OpenCL / CUDA Performance Tests

image pro

The Quadro P6000 takes the lead, regardless of whether or not CUDA or OpenCL was used. The Radeon Pro WX 7100 puts up one heck of a fight though, and actually outpaces the pricier Quadro P5000. Also of note is the improved performance when using CUDA. There are fewer abstraction layers with CUDA -- i.e. it runs "closer to the metal" -- hence the somewhat better performance.



crypto 3 2
The new Quadros put up some big numbers in the various GPGPU cryptography tests. The Quadro P6000 in particular jumps out to a big lead, thanks to its relatively large memory complements of increased number of cores.

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