NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480: GF100 Has Landed

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The SiSoftware GPGPU processing benchmark performs single- and double-precision floating point arithmetic on the GPU and the results are reported in pixels/s, i.e. how many pixels can be computed in 1 second. The benchmark will still run if support for double-precision isn't found, however, as is evident by the NVIDIA double DP scores below. Emulated results using 32-bit float are uses due to lack of native double (64-bit) floating-point support in OpenCL drivers. Regardless, the single-precision scores are still interesting...

SiSoftware GPGPU Processing
Number Crunching On The GPU

The GeForce GTX 480's single-precision floating point performance in the SANDRA GPGPU processing benchmark is significantly better than the Radeon HD 5870. Hopefully, with future drivers and / or versions of this benchmark, we can get comparable double-precision scores. Double precision floating point performance should also be a strong suite of the GTX 480.

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