NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 and The Asus VG278H LCD Review

Our Summary and Conclusion

The Asus VG278H (which includes the newly redesigned 3D Vision 2 glasses) and NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 glasses and full kits will be available very soon. In fact, Asus launched a promotion just today in which they’re giving away one of the monitors to one lucky winner. Should you want to buy one of these puppies, however, Asus has priced the VG278H at an MSRP of $699. That’s definitely on the high side for a 27” display with a 1080P resolution, but the excellent performance, 120Hz refresh rate, integrated 3D emitter, and included 3D Vision2 glasses help justify the additional cost.

NVIDIA’s full 3D Vision 2 glasses kit, which includes one pair of 3D Vision 2 glasses and a wireless USB IR emitter will be available this month for $149. Extra 3D Vision 2 glasses will also be available for $99 a pop. At those prices, NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 options are right about on par price-wise with existing 3D Vision kits. Considering the improvements to the glasses, we have to commend NVIDIA for not jacking up the price here.

Overall, we have to say NVIDIA’s 3D Vision 2 kit, when paired to a Lightboost-equipped monitor like the Asus VG278H is a clear step ahead of the company’s original solution. 3D Vision already offered arguably the best 3D experience for PC gamers and it only gets better with 3D Vision 2. If you were thinking about taking the plunge into 3D, you’ll most likely be pleased with this new solution from NVIDIA. We have yet to come across a competing 3D technology that offers the kind of compatibility, support, and performance of NVIDIA’s 3D Vision 2. If these things don’t offer the kind of 3D performance you’re looking for, nothing on the PC is going to.

  • Excellent 3D Effects
  • Tons of Supported Games
  • LightBoost A Definite Plus
  • 3D Vision 2 Glasses
  • Asus VG278 Monitor Is Somewhat Expensive
  • 1080P Resolution Is A Bit Low For a 27" Screen

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