Nokia Lumia 810 and Lumia 820 Review

Performance Benchmarks

In addition to using the Lumia 810 in a variety of everyday usage scenarios, we also conducted some formal performance testing to see how well the handset compares to other smartphones. WP Bench is a performance-oriented benchmarking application within the Windows Phone Marketplace. We've compared CPU, Data and GPU benchmarks below with a handful of Windows Phone smartphones.

As you can see, the Lumia 810 outperformed the majority of handsets in our comparison. In all of the benchmarks, the Lumia 810 and Lumia 920 scored similarly, with both handsets taking the top spot a number of times. Since the Lumia 810 has a lower screen resolution than the Lumia 920, it makes sense that it will outscore the Lumia 920 in the GPU test. After all, WP Bench is an onscreen benchmark and the Lumia 810 has to push fewer pixels at a much lower resolution. Also, keep in mind many of the lower-scoring phones are Windows Phone 7 devices with single-core processors.

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