NEC MultiSync EA273WM-BK 27-inch LED Monitor Review

Subjective Analysis

While DisplayMate lays out a monitor's performance in black and white (and blue and green and red and...), we also take into consideration a subjective analysis. After all, you're not purchasing a monitor to view test patterns for hours on end. To see how the EA273WM-BK performs in the real world, we viewed a series of high definition movies and fired up a few games. Torturous, we know, but hey, you guys are worth every minute of our entertainment.
Subjective Tests
HD Movie Playback and Gaming

The Grey @ 1080P
Depending on where you work, your boss is likely to frown if he finds you've been spending your weekdays watching Blu-ray movies and high-definition YouTube videos, though if you're determined to slack off on the job, there are worse monitors to watch videos on. The EA273WM-BK provides 27 inches of Full HD real estate, big enough to host an impromptu cubicle party. Serious movie buffs will be put off by the slightly saturated colors, and there isn't a whole lot for armchair directors to get excited about, but for casual viewing, this is a big panel that does a decent job playing back content.

Dirt 2

NEC's EA273WM-BK is positioned as a workhorse for the enterprise consumer and isn't primarily targeted at gamers, nor should it be. We love the size, but limiting a 27-inch panel to just a 1920x1080 resolution results in a lower pixel density than what you'll find on higher resolution monitors of the same size, or lower size panels of the same resolution.

The advertised 5ms response time is also a little higher than what you'll find on high performance monitor intended for gamers, though it's not too often we run into serious ghosting or streaking problems on today's monitors, this one included. If you're the type that enjoys taking in the scenery, you'll miss out on deep, rich colors offered by other panels, and once again the tendency to produce saturated and almost over-bright images will rear its unwanted head. Otherwise, the EA273WM-BK handled our game tests without issue.

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