NEC MultiSync EA273WM-BK 27-inch LED Monitor Review

Introduction & Specifications

Most people associate business with boring, but there's little about NEC's MultiSync EA273WM-BK monitor that's a snooze-fest. As the premiere model in NEC's next generation MultiSync EA Series of desktop displays for high-performance enterprise users, the EA273WM-BK brings a big 27-inch, LED-backlit display to the workplace and is ready to impress with a completely redesigned chassis that's up to 30 percent thinner and 25 percent lighter than previous models. It also has a 130mm height-adjustable stand and a boatload of inputs, including DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, DVI-D, and an integrated 4-port USB 2.0 hub.

In addition to its physical characteristics, NEC also slimmed down the power consumption on this display. NEC claims the EA273WM-BK reduces power by more than 40 percent compared to previous generation EA Series models, and it's loaded with eco-friendly features like an ECO Mode and smart sensing technology with ambient light and human sensors. By detecting user activity in front of the monitor, the EA273WM-BK will darken or turn off its panel to reduce power by up to 95 percent during periods of inactivity, and spring back into action when you return from flirting with the secretary down the hall (or from your lunch break, as it were). This power saving features won't work miracles on a per user basis, but if you're in charge of outfitting a department or entire business with hardware, the potential for collective savings can add up in a hurry, not to mention let you sleep more soundly at night knowing you're doing your best not to offend Mother Nature, if that's the sort of the thing that helps you rest easy.

The EA273WM-BK has other tricks up its sleeve too, which we'll cover in detail on the following pages. We'll also take a close look at the panel's performance, which is a monitor's primary function, after all. In this case, NEC opted for a Twisted Nematic (TN) panel with LED backlighting rather than a higher quality (and more expensive) IPS screen as found on NEC's Professional lineup. With the exception of a couple of PVA panels, all of NEC's Commercial Enterprise Displays sport TN screens.

NEC EA273WM-BK MultiSynic Monitor
Specifications & Features

Display Size
27" Widescreen
1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio     
300 cd/m2 
Contrast Ratio 
1000:1 (Typical)
Response Time
Viewing Angle
160 horizontal / 160 vertical (typical at contrast ratio 10:1); 178 horizontal / 178 vertical (typical at contrast ratio 5:1)
Display Type
1 x DVI-D (with HDCP); 1 x HDMI; 1 x DisplayPort; 1 x mini D-sub 15-pin
Power Consumption 
26W (typical); 17W (Eco Mode); <0.5W Power Savings Mode
Yes (1W + 1W)
130mm height adjustable w/ tilt, swivel, rotate (landscape to portrait mode)
I/O Ports USB 2.0 hub (4 down, 1 up)
Dimensions (with stand)
24.9" x 16.3-21.5" x 9.1". (WxHxD) 
15.9 lbs
Included Accessories

Setup sheet, user manual, power cord, 15-pin D-sub cable, DVI-D cable, USB cable, audio cable, ControlSync cable
3 Years Limited (parts & labor, including backlight)

There shouldn't be any squinting with the EA273WM-BK. Despite rocking a large 27-inch panel, the native resolution is 1920x1080 (Full HD, 16:9). It also has a 5ms response time, 1,000:1 contrast ratio (typical), 300 cd/m2 brightness, and fairly standard viewing angles for a TN display. One thing that really stands out, however, is the weight. The EA273WM-BK weighs less than 16 pounds and feels surprisingly light for its size, which is the first thing we noticed when unboxing the unit. By comparison, NEC's PA271WM we reviewed in October 2010 is quite a bit chunkier and weighs nearly twice as much at 30 pounds. It's not really an apples-to-apple comparison, nor does it need to be. Bottom line: you won't throw out your back unboxing the EA273WM-BK.

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