NEC MultiSync EA273WM-BK 27-inch LED Monitor Review


The EA273WM-BK is the largest of NEC's refreshed MultiSync EA Series, and is one of just two models currently available, the other being NEC's 24-inch EA243WM. It sports a similar feature-set, but in a smaller package with a 1920x1200 (16:10) resolution and 250 cd/m2 brightness for $100 less ($399 compared to $499).

Even though the EA273WM-BK is 'only' 15 pounds and change, it's a well balanced monitor that doesn't feel at risk of tipping over from a violent sneeze or from getting pegged by a USB rocket when mid-week office warfare inevitably breaks out. The stand is easily one of the high points and is height adjustable up to 130mm, supports screen tilt from -5 degrees to +30 degrees, swivels from -170 degrees to +170 degrees, and rotates from landscape to portrait mode (0 degrees to 90 degrees). There's also ample room in the stand's spine to hide the thick power cable, USB cable, display cable, and any other wires you're routing behind the monitor, a real boon for obsessive compulsive types.

Alternately, you can pop the panel off the stand/base by removing a series of Phillips screws and stick the monitor on your wall via the Vesa Mount (100mm). It's a feature that's of limited appeal in the workplace, unless you work from a home office.

The EA273WM-BK features 27 inches of TN screen real estate bordered by a thin bezel measuring barely more than half an inch on all four sides (we measured it at 9/16th of an inch). It's native resolution is 1920x1080 (Full HD, 16:9 aspect ratio), enough to fire up a Blu-ray video and do a bit of multitasking with multiple windows open at the same time, but well short of the number of pixels that can be comfortably packed into a 27-inch display.

What may be of more interest to the workhorse crowd is the panel's ability to rotate from landscape to portrait mode, a welcome feature for power surfers and Word document wizards. Combined with the flexible base/stand, the EA273WM-BK lives up to its billing as an ergonomic monitor for the office. Unfortunately, the OSD doesn't rotate with the screen, so if you need to make adjustments on the fly, you'll either have to turn the screen back into landscape mode or tilt your head like an owl.

Another feature that's friendly for the workplace is NEC's ControlSync technology. Users are able to copy the settings from a designated 'Master' monitor to up to five additional sub-monitors by using the included ControlSync cable. The neat thing about this is that settings made to the master panel will be automatically applied to all others. This also works with the human and luminance sensors so you don't have to worry about disabling the energy saving features on monitors you won't be sitting directly in front of.

There are plenty of connectivity options on the EA273WM-BK. Underneath the panel are two USB 2.0 ports, a USB uplink, audio input, ControlSync input/output, HDMI (with HDCP support), DVI-D, 15-pin D-Sub connector, and a DisplayPort. NEC also hid a pair of 1W speakers in the back. Like most integrated cans, NECs are nothing to write home about, though they're sufficient for watching YouTube clips and listening to video presentations.

Over on the side of the panel are two additional USB 2.0 ports and a headphone jack.

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