MSI's Starforce 822 GeForce3 ViVo!

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MSI's GeForce 3 Powered Starforce 822 ViVo
Not Just a GF3...It May Be "The" GeForce 3!

By, Marco Chiappetta
November 8, 2001

We've got one more round of 3D Mark 2001 tests before we move on.  This time we ran the default 1024x768 benchmark with each of the anti-aliasing methods available.

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DirectX Performance



With 4X AA enabled, 3D Mark 2001 looked fantastic, but seemed to slowdown a bit during some scenes.


Max Payne
Who Didn't Love this game!?

Remedy's Direct X 8 game engine used in 3DMark 2001 is the same one powering the very popular third person shooter, Max Payne.


Hmmm...are you beginning to see the trend? Again we see that both cards basically performed the same.  Max Payne does not have a "built-in" benchmarking utility, so we tested using the timedemos and mod available at 3D Center.

Quake 3 Arena
Very Old Faithful...

That's enough DirectX testing for now.  Next up is the venerable (and old) Quake 3 Arena.


This first Quake 3 test was run at the "Fastest" setting, but with 32-Bit color enabled.  Quake 3 isn't very "pretty" using these graphical options, but it sure is fast!  There's nothing like a triple digit framerate at 1600x1200!

This time around we set Quake 3 to the "High Quality" setting, enabled tri-linear filtering and set the geometric detail and texture quality sliders to maximum.  We saw a sharp drop off at higher resolutions, losing over 20 FPS at 1600x1200, but performance was still excellent.

Never content with "stock" performance, we overclocked our MSI Starforce 822 again and ran it through another batch of "High Quality" tests...

Now that's what we like to see!  While overclocked, we gained back all of the performance we lost by enabling the "High Quality" graphical options, and we once again broke the 100FPS barrier at 1600x1200.



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