MSI K9A2 Platinum AMD 790FX Motherboard

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Gaming Tests with Crysis and Company of Heroes

Benchmarks with Crysis SP Demo and Company of Heroes v1.71
DirectX 10 Gaming Performance

Our final two tests are gaming benchmarks configured to test CPU and memory performance rather than graphics performance.  This is done by reducing the image quality and resolution so the graphics subsystem is no longer the performance bottleneck, virtually eliminating the graphics card from the equation.  The first test we used was Crysis followed by Company of Heroes.

The Crysis test tracked closely to the 3DMark06 CPU testing, showing a very small lead for the K9A2 Platinum equalling less than 1 % overall.  With Company of Heroes v1.71, the differences were almost the same, falling just shy of 1%.  In both cases, neither variation would be detectable by the user in real world usage.

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