Motorola Droid Ultra Review: Ultra Thin LTE Smartphone

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Benchmarks and Camera Performance

We ran our typical set of benchmarks to see how the Droid Ultra compares to other phones. If you take a look at the charts below, you’ll notice the Droid Ultra often falls in the middle of our charts. This is what we expected – The Droid Ultra isn’t a phone with top-of-the-line specifications but it is a very adequate phone that will hold its own.

AnTuTu, Click to enlarge

One test shows a strength of the Droid Ultra and that’s the battery test. As you can see, the Droid Ultra outscored all other phones we have for comparison including the Moto X. For users who want even greater longevity, it may be worth considering the Droid Maxx.


The 10 megapixel camera that accompanies the Droid Ultra is adequate and on-par with what we’d expect from a mid-range device. The phone’s Quick Capture feature lets you access the camera app with two quick twists of the wrist. If you know other DROID owners, you can quickly share pictures using the DROID Zap feature.


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