Moto Z2 Force Review: Shatterproof, Modular Android

Moto Z2 Force Review: General System Performance

Smartphones have become the primary means of Internet access for many people. We start off our benchmarking festivities using the JetStream Javascript benchmark and Rightware’s Web Test 3.0. The benchmarks comprehensively test the system and web browser’s performance in typical usage scenarios, including HTML5 rendering.

JetStream and BrowserMark
JavaScript and Browser Testing

Moto Z2 Force JetStream

Moto Z2 Force Basemark

The Moto Z2 Force and its default Chrome browser falls behind the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its in-house browser by 15% in Jetstream. However, Javascript is only one component for web browsing and the Moto Z2 Force redeems itself with a vengeance in the Basemark Web 3.0 test. Here the Moto Z2 Force beats out the previous leader, the Samsung Galaxy S8 family by 36% and over double the performance of the Google Pixel XL and original Moto Z Force.

AnTuTu 6
Platform Benchmarks

AnTuTu 6 is a cross-platform benchmark that runs on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The benchmark tests the phone for CPU, RAM, 3D and UX (user experience) performance and presents a total score.
Moto Z2 Force AnTuTu

Here the Moto Z2 Force and its slim Android OS ranks near the top of the UX test, which only slightly falls behind the HTC 10. It leads our overall score, too, with the Samsung Galaxy S8+ trailing behind by 9%.

Synthetic CPU Testing

Geekbench stresses the CPU cores with single and multi-threaded workloads using encryption processing, image compression, HTML5 parsing, physics calculations and general-purpose computing.

Moto Z2 Force AnTuTu

The Motorola Moto Z2 Force continues to shine in GeekBench, enjoying a moderate 5% lead over our previous leader, the Samsung Galaxy S8+. Both phones share the same Snapdragon 835 SoC, but we predict Motorola’s software decisions gives it a leg up over Samsung’s Touchwiz UX.

Futuremark PCMark For Android
General Purpose Pocket Computing Performance Metrics

We recently added Futuremark’s PCMark for Android to our testing suite, so it’s not as populated with phones as our other tests. PCMark for Android tests the phone for more intensive uses, like image and video editing, and light workloads like e-mail and browsing.
Moto Z2 Force PCMark Work 2

The Moto Z2 Force falls behind the Samsung S8 series by 2 to 15% throughout most of the PCMark for Android tests. Though it's worth pointing out that its photo editing performance bests the Samsung S8+ by a small 4% margin.

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