Moto Z Play Review: 8-Cores And Insane Battery Life

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Moto Z Play: GFXBench, 3DMark, & Basemark X

Next up, we have GFXBench, which has been one of our standard mobile graphics performance benchmarks for quite a while now. In order to ensure V-sync and resolution are not limiting factors, we are comparing Offscreen test results here.

We also ran with Futuremark's 3DMark benchmark, which has been a staple 3D graphics benchmark at HotHardware across all mobile and desktop platforms for many years. In this case we were running 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, which is targeted for mobile devices and also runs at 720p in offscreen mode, so as to take display resolution out of the equation. We also tossed Basemark X into the mix, which is another cross-platform graphics benchmark.
3D Graphics Benchmarks: GFX Bench, 3DMark & Basemark X
Pushing The Pixels
moto z play benchmark gfxbench trex
moto z play benchmark gfxbench manhattan
moto z play benchmark 3dmark ice storm scores
moto z play benchmark 3dmark ice storm fps
moto z play benchmark basemark x game r2

This is what a couple hundred dollar price cut ultimately costs you. If you are a mobile gamer and crave the latest visuals, this isn't your phone. However, most games for Android aren't actually all that demanding or GPU bound. We had no trouble playing Pokemon Go, Pacman 256, or Hearthstone although a few frames were dropped in the latter.

No matter the games you play, they will eat their share of battery. But that's where the Moto Z Play really shines...

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