Motorola Droid Turbo 2 And Droid Maxx 2 Review: Shatterproof And Value Android

Design and Build Quality

The Motorola Droid Turbo 2 and Maxx 2 are handsome phones. The Turbo 2 has a more broad-shouldered look and feel, even though the Maxx 2 is technically just a little bit thicker at 0.43 inches. That’s due to the difference in the way the backs of the devices curve: the Maxx 2 has a more pronounced curve at the back.

droids side by side
DROID Turbo 2 (left), DROID Maxx 2 (right)

Both phones have substantial bezels, but they don’t appear disproportionate per se. One notable difference between the fronts of the two smartphones is that the Turbo 2 has a large Verizon logo at the bottom. That’s bound to annoy some customers, who will understandably wonder why Motorola and Verizon didn’t opt to just put the logo on the back of the phone, as they did with the Maxx 2.

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 21
Droid Turbo 2

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 5
Droid Maxx 2

You can customize the back of the Turbo 2 with Motorola’s Moto Maker, which is a fun, differentiating feature in our opinion. The Turbo 2’s material options include ballistic nylon and leather, among others, and you can choose accent colors. If you opt for the leather back, you can have up to 14 characters engraved into into it.

The Maxx 2, on the other hand, sports a removable back, so you can update your phone with a new look if you’re willing to shell out the cash. Popping the back is a piece of cake, and so is securing the new back. However, that doesn't mean you get access to a user replaceable or serviceable battery here, unfortunately.

Motorola Droid Maxx 2 Back Off
Droid Maxx 2 - Removable Rear Plate But Non-Removable Battery

If you want extra protection for your screen, you can also attach a Flip Shell, which has both front and back panels for your phone.

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 7

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 8

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 9

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 17
Droid Maxx 2

The Turbo 2 model we reviewed includes a pebbled leather back and the Maxx 2 featured a typical, white shell. The leather shell has a more luxurious feel, of course, but the texture of Maxx 2’s shell actually felt a little more comfortable in-hand.

Both phones are water-repellent, cutting you a little slack if you splash some water on your phone. Neither is meant to be submersed, but they ought to be OK in what Motorola characterizes as “light rain.”

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 20

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 22

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 18

moto turbo 2 maxx 2 23
Droid Turbo 2

The Turbo 2 and Maxx 2 have few buttons and ports. The power and volume buttons are on the left side of either phone and in easy reach of your fingers (when held in your left hand). The buttons are just a smidge higher on the Turbo 2, which was a little more comfortable, in our experience. The headphone jack is at the top of each phone, next to the slot for your SIM and microSD cards. The micro USB power port is at the bottom of each phone. Both the Turbo 2 and Maxx 2 support Motorola’s Turbo Charge, which makes for faster charging times than typical phone chargers.

As light as they are (about 6 ounces each), the Turbo 2 and Maxx 2 feel remarkably sturdy. Both phones survived some fairly serious bumps and drops during testing without so much as a scratch.

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