GeForce RTX Performance And IQ In Metro Exodus Explored Post Patch

Metro Exodus - 1080p Performance With RTX And DLSS

Here we're set to the most common resolution that mainstream gamers play at, according to the Steam Hardware Survey. Let's look at how performance scales for the entire field of cards, some of which were previously challenged at the higher settings.

RTX Series Metro Exodus performance at 1080p Extreme Quality

At 1080p we see the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti still at the top of the boards of course, and you will notice that though FPS has still gone up, now DLSS cannot be enabled on both the RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080. RTX High on the 2080 Ti with DLSS off easily pulls over 60 FPS on average while the 1% lows once again are eclipsing 30 FPS and will make for a very playable experience. The Extreme quality level is brutal and as you can see the RTX 2080 pulls some decent performance but the 2070 finds itself in a tough spot on average, with a little over mid 40 FPS, while the 1% lows dip into mid 20's. This is without RTX features enabled at all, since at 1080p all cards do not allow DLSS to enable with RTX lighting disabled. Once again we'd offer that we understand why NVIDIA made the decision, but we would still like the ability to override that with a disclaimer about performance, so we could test this feature a bit more. At least if we had the capability to show this, maybe it would feel less like something not working and more like being cautioned on the feature because it does not provide a good experience.

RTX Series Metro Exodus performance at 1080p Ultra Quality

Moving down to the less stressful Ultra Quality setting, we see that the 2080 Ti without RTX now approaches 100 FPS. The 2070 returns into a very playable area, with even the 2060 appearing in an area where we consider playable. The 2060 without RTX now shows 52.82 FPS average with 1% lows dipping to 28.73, which from our experience with this title should be readily playable. Enabling RTX High seems to be the sweet spot for most cards as the Ultra RTX settings seems to add much more load with massively diminishing affect on the visual immersion.

RTX Series Metro Exodus Performance at 1080p High Quality

Finally, here we have High in-game settings at 1080p and we see the 2080 Ti's first escape into the 100+ FPS range. NVIDIA's top-end card hits this and then some at 115 FPS on average with 58.11 1% Lows. Here also RTX 2070 now enters the over 70 FPS category without RTX and 65 FPS+ with RTX High. Further, at this setting we truly have a wide mix of results, as the GeForce RTX 2060 with RTX set to High, now enters into almost 60 FPS territory as well. Mind you, RTX 2060 without RTX enabled (and also no DLSS) only pulls 46 FPS average with maintainable 1% lows. However again, RTX 2060 at High settings, with RTX set to High and DLSS enabled pulls mid 20's in the 1% lows and 54 FPS on average. This should be plenty playable and while not on completely maxed-out settings, you can still get a very good visual representation of Metro Exodus with lows that do now dip below 25 FPS.

Let's wrap this up and form some conclusions from the mounds of data we have just collected here...

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