Marking Time: 3DMark 11 Performance Explored

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3DMark 11 doesn't just add support for a new API; it offers a much finer degree of control over specific test options. While the uptake on DirectX 11 is rumored to be faster than DX10's ever was, the console-centric nature of the gaming industry means it could be quite some time before we see a number of titles on the market that actually prioritize DX11 as opposed to supporting it for marketing's sake.

We're just wondering what Antec paid for all the on-screen advertising...

The changes Futuremark made to this latest version of the benchmark should help ensure it remains a neutral standard in the years to come. It's difficult to determine how accurately the suite forecasts DX11 performance in real-world games--the dearth of titles prevents a reasonably thorough comparison--but we think there's a good chance the benchmark will prove to be a relative predictor and a useful tool for comparing various aspects of DX11 performance.  You can expect to see 3DMark 11 in our upcoming graphics card evaluations and the like.

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