Maingear Vybe 2019 Review: Fast, Quiet, Clean, And Ready To Ship

Maingear Vybe 2019: PCMark And 3DMark

UL Benchmarks' suite of tests have been the go-to system benchmarks since the late ‘90s. We ran Maingear's Vybe through PCMark 10, which is designed to gauge the system performance in everyday use case scenarios with GPU acceleration-enabled, while 3DMark tests its gaming chops. 

PCMark 10 
Productivity and System-Level Benchmarking

Maingear Vybe PCMark 10

Nobody is buying a Vybe strictly for spreadsheets and TPS reports, but when it does come time to knock out a few productivity chores, this system is more than sufficient. In our collection of systems for PCMark 10, the Vybe posted the highest scores in every category, including the highest overall score.

3DMark Benchmarks
3D Benchmarking

Maingear Vybe 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme

Maingear Vybe 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme FPS

Here again it is important to play close attention to the graphs. At a cursory glance, it appears that the Vybe is struggling to keep up. However, every system that came ahead out was running dual graphics cards in SLI. This is the result of vendors often wanting to send us their biggest and baddest gaming PCs.

A closer look shows the Vybe jumping ahead of HP's Obelisk, which is the only other system with a single GPU. It also happens to be running the same GeForce RTX 2080 class graphics card, although the overclocked EVGA model inside the Vybe has the advantage of running with higher clocks.

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