Lucid Hydra 200 Multi-GPU Performance Revealed

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Performance Summary: After running Lucid's test bed through an assortment of tests in several graphics configurations, we have a better idea on how well the Hydra 200 performs. Using the components available to us, we saw impressive scaling in most instances, which peaked at 89% in dual-GPU mode. The mixed ATI / NVIDIA combo ran pretty well and fell within the expected range of performance throughout testing. 


We think it's important to keep in mind that this was just a preview of Hydra's potential. Testing was performed using an evaluation board that obviously is not a retail product available to consumers. Rather, the setup allowed us to see the capabilities of Lucid's new technology before any Hydra equipped motherboards actually hit the streets.


Although there were driver issues that prevented us from completing some benchmarks, we've been informed that the problems will be resolved over time as Lucid's driver development team works to squash bugs with a wide range of hardware and software. With that, we are definitely looking forward to future Hydra-enabled motherboards and the potential new levels of performance that can be reached by using them.   

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