Lucid Hydra 200 Multi-GPU Performance Revealed

Operation Flashpoint, Call of Juarez, and Storm Rise

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Real World Gaming Performance


We activated FRAPS, set the resolution to 1920x1200, and cranked up the image quality settings in the recently released Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Here, impressive scaling took place as we saw an 89% performance increase when going from a single HD 4890 to dual card configuration. The transition from one to two GTX 260's in tandem also provided an effective 74% increase in performance.

Call of Juarez
DirectX 10 Benchmark


The Call of Juarez benchmark was one of the first to show off DX10 features while offering precise repeatability. Once again, we see exceptional scaling when going from single to dual card configurations. Two GTX 260's demonstrated an 85% performance increase over a single card, while two HD 4890's produced an 83% gain above an individual card's score. 

DX10 Gaming Performance


Stormrise verified our prior GTX 260 performance results with 85% scaling once more. However, two HD 4890's in tandem fell short of previous outcomes with only a 44% performance gain, much lower than the percentage we saw in the other games. Its worth noting that the ATI / NVIDIA combination consistently provided the second best scores throughout testing while generally meeting our expectations of this configuration.

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